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Buy Microsoft Office 2021 Home & Business

You can buy Microsoft Office 2021 Home & Business from Mr Key Shop and save. Microsoft Office is back in its version for professionals and businesses, not only renovating its UI but also introducing many new features for collaboration and teamwork. Choose Office 2021 Home & Business if you already use Windows 11 or if you’re planning an upgrade. If you need a genuine license, our encompassing catalog is at your disposal. Office 2021 Home & Business includes the new version of all its popular tools, like Word 2021, Excel 2021, PowerPoint 2021, and OneNote 2021. The integration with Microsoft Teams ensures better productivity for your office! Collaborate and make documents with your team, with customized comments and advanced cloud sync features. We always recommend installing an Antivirus to protect your device, you can choose your Antivirus by clicking here.

Microsoft Office 2021 Home & Business includes:

• Excel 2021: now you can search data and text both at a cell and a table-level with the advanced XLOOKUP feature
• Word 2021: a crucial app to write and access your documents, a productivity tool that can’t be missing on your device.
• Dynamic Arrays: a single formula to get an array of values.
• Leverage the news LET function to name your calculation results, store intermediate values, or use names in formulae. Optimize your formula with names that are easy to remember.
• Enjoy the improved recording feature from PowerPoint 2021 and make links to single slides to share them with your coworkers with no hassle.
• Translate your email directly on Outlook 2021 and use the virtual ink to take notes with your finger, your mouse, or a stylus.
• Do you or your clients use OpenOffice? No problem: Office 2021 Home & Business is fully compatible with its formats.
• If you work in teams, make the best out of the advanced co-authoring features, including customized comments.

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