Office 2021 Home & Student


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Now you can buy your Microsoft Office 2021 Home & Student suite from Mr Key Shop!
Enjoy the new home edition of the popular productivity suite, with a new modern user experience. Office 2021 Home & Student is the ideal version if you have already upgraded to Windows 11 or if you’re planning to do so. See our catalog and save money! Office 2021 Home & Student includes Word 2021, Excel 2021, PowerPoint 2021, and OneNote 2021. Plus, Microsoft Teams becomes available for personal use for the first time, since it was previously available on Microsoft 365 or Windows 11 only. Some highlights:

  • Excel 2021:new feature to simplify table and cell searches with XLOOKUP. Furthermore, dynamic arrays allow using a single formula to obtain value arrays. LET feature allows to assign a name to calculation results, store intermediate values, or use names in formulas.
    • PowerPoint 2021: improved recording features, with the possibility to create a link to a specific slide to share with coworkers, and more
    • Outlook 2021: translation feature directly available from Outlook, e-ink to take notes with a pen, a finger, or your mouse.
    • Official support for OpenOffice formats
    • Co-authoring feature for all documents

Microsoft Office 2021 Home & Student has many more features for you. Explore them by installing the suite. Purchase your genuine license from Mr Key Shop and experience cutting-edge features with Office 2021.

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